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The Support Wizard is designed to help you quickly navigate from problem to solution. We do our best to also provide explanations as to why the problem may occur, to better help prevent recurrences.

We strongly suggest the use of the Wizard as you can resolve problems or achieve tasks quickly and autonomously.

Below are the most common issues our customers encounter. Please select your problem and launch the Wizard.

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Throughout the process of diagnosing and solving your problem, contextual help will be available through tool tips. Tool tips are represented by green hyperlinks. Clicking on these hyperlinks will display the definition in the same window.

Links to other sections or outside resources will be represented by blue hyperlinks. To access the linked content, you just have to click on the hyperlink.

Except in titles, bold text stands for a software interface button or element.

Optional instructions may also be displayed by clicking on hyperlinks, preceded by icons. The icons means you can hide them.

Email support is also available if you cannot find the solution to your problem.

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