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This tool will help you determine if your computer settings are optimized to fully enjoy the sites in our network.

On this page, you will see your operating system, browser and screen resolution. We will also tell you whether or not you are set up to see JavaScript and cookies. Finally, we want to help you decide on the best player to view videos by letting you watch a video sample in both Windows Media Player and Quicktime.

If you wish to have more information on the best settings, please consult the FAQ.

Minimum System Recommended
Operating System: Windows NT 5.1 (Windows XP)
Browser: MSIE 6.0 (Microsoft Explorer 6)
Screen Resolution: 800 X 600 pixels(minimum)
JavaScript: Enabled
Cookies: Enabled
Your Computer
Operating System: unknown
Browser: CCBot
Screen Resolution:
Click the logos below to check which player is installed on your computer. If you can see the video and hear the sound, it means you can view video content on our websites.
Windows Media Player: Download Now
Quicktime: Download Now
Flash: Download Now

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